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One battery for over 300 tools for the workshop and garden

Goodbye tangled cables! By combining state-of-the-art technology and ambitious vision, we have succeeded in developing a battery system that allows you to enjoy freedom from cables in any situation. For tools and gardening equipment: all members of the Power X-Change family can be universally combined with each other. So with just one type of battery, you can power any device in the system. Find out here what else makes our system and our batteries special, and why Einhell are the battery experts.

Find out what you can do with Power X-Change.

The right cordless tool for every application.

From lawn mowers to hammer drills and even cordless circular saws: The Power X‐Change battery system offers a wide range of tools for hobby gardeners as well as DIY enthusiasts and professionals. The system family already includes over 300 tools, and this number is always growing. This is how you can free yourself from cables for any workshop or garden project: Just 1 battery. 1,000 possibilities.

Discover the Einhell battery system That's Power X-Change

Cordless freedom.

For DIY and gardening tools.

Imagine never again having to worry about extension cords being too short or having enough sockets available: just click in a battery and you're ready to go, whether it's a lawn mower, garden pump, hammer drill or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Just one battery is enough to power a wide range of cordless tools in the garden and workshop. That's how freedom from cables feels. This is our mission: Power X-Change!

Latest technology.

Proven quality.

At the heart of the platform are our Power X-Change batteries. That is why we use only the best components in our batteries, such as latest-generation, high-performance Li-Ion cells, along with our smart microprocessor-controlled battery electronics, the Active Battery Management System. This makes our battery one of the safest in the industry and also ensures efficiency, reliability and durability. Long service life is also important to us when it comes to all the other components, e.g. in the form of brushless motors. Find out more about the technology in our batteries here.


Persevering. When it matters.

No matter how big your projects become: With a range of different capacities (Ah) available, the battery runtime can be adapted to any project. Whether you're just hanging a shelf or want to build an entire tree house. Whether your garden is as big as a towel or a football field. Swapping between two batteries, you can work virtually non-stop. So no matter how big the challenge: with Power X-Change you can handle it.

Our battery system


Twin-Pack Technology

We developed Twin-Pack technology for particularly powerful equipment, such as selected lawn mowers, chain saws and wet/dry vacuums. It allows you to use two Power X-Change batteries at the same time - for true 36V battery power!
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Extra battery power

Power X-Change Plus

Our Power X-Change Plus technology provides more power with the same number of cells.
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2-in-1 Battery

Multi-Ah technology

This battery innovation from Einhell gives the user two options: Either 300% longer lifespan or 50% more runtime.
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Powerful batteries: Powerful Devices

Our Power X-Change batteries are especially impressive as a battery system for those who really like to get things done. With up to 1350 watts, the cordless tools and gardening equipment are every bit as impressive as their wired counterparts. Instead of having to switch to separate 36V batteries for more powerful devices, Power X-Change simply combines the power of two batteries thanks to Twin-Pack technology. This delivers a total of 2700 watts! This also provides a better overview in the tool cabinet, saves you money and, more importantly, the 18V batteries can also be used individually.

36V: Twin-Pack Technology

With different voltages and capacities, you can adapt the characteristics of the battery as required for your tools and applications. We developed Twin-Pack technology for particularly high-performance equipment, such as selected lawn mowers, chain saws and wet/dry vacuums. It allows you to use two Power X-Change batteries at the same time - for true 36V battery power with an output of 2700 watts.

Work even longer: to extend the runtime for 36V devices as well as giving them more power, our Double Twin-Pack technology adds another two batteries. This uses a total of four batteries. When the first two batteries are empty, the system automatically switches to the two extra batteries. For example, the 3413322 (GE-CM 36/52 Li BL Kit) cordless lawn mower can mow an entire 5380 ft² + 5380 ft² = 10,760 ft² of lawn on a single battery charging cycle.

Extra battery power: Power X-Change Plus

Batteries don't just differ in their runtimes and weights. The power that they can provide is also important. For instance, when you want to use an angle grinder for cutting, the runtime (i.e. Ah specification) is usually not the decisive factor – what matters is having enough power. This is analogous to a car. You need more power, i.e. more horsepower/kW, for mountains or when overtaking. Our Power X-Change Plus technology provides more power with the same number of cells. Thanks to an ingenious battery design prioritising cooling and performance, and the careful selection of particularly efficient cells, Power X-Change Plus delivers more power as well as longer runtimes and service life.

2-in-1 Battery: Multi-Ah technology

Multi-Ah: This battery innovation from Einhell gives the user two options: Either 300% longer lifespan or 60% more runtime. Our Power X-Change range features two Multi-Ah battery models. As well as a 4 to 6 Ah battery, you can also choose a 5 to 8 Ah version. This enables you to easily switch from a 5 Ah battery to an 8 Ah battery at the touch of a button. Operation as a 5 Ah battery is particularly gentle on the cells. This gives a total lifespan up to 3x longer than that of ordinary Li-ion batteries. The 8 Ah battery has a normal service life, but is particularly suitable for maximum runtimes in capacity-intensive applications such as for cordless lawn mowers or cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaners, as it delivers 60% more runtime (compared to a 5 Ah battery).

Technical details Find out for yourself what makes the Power X-Change battery so special.

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Cable tangle

Platform battery: Simply save money

One battery for all devices: Power X-Change makes it possible. With just one 18V battery, you can power a wide range of cordless Power X-Change tools without having to buy a new battery for every new cordless device. This is why we offer our products both in sets and as "solo" versions, i.e. without a battery or charger. So you can save money the smart way, without compromising on quality or functionality.

Protect the environment

Power X-Change enables you to use one type of battery for all your tools and garden equipment. Instead of buying separate batteries and chargers for each device. This universal compatibility means fewer batteries and chargers are required overall. Not only do you have less battery clutter at home, but you also conserve resources and thus respect the environment – without having to miss out on anything. 

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