The shell construction is in place and interior work can begin – whether you are currently building a house or renovating or expanding your home with an extension, if you want to do as much as possible yourself, you need the right equipment for this. When it comes to laying cables and pipes, you should have a powerful wall chaser or slitting cutter to hand. If, on the other hand, you are planning work on drywall, drywall screwdrivers for the proper connection of various drywall components or drywall sanders for the further processing of your walls are the tools you want. Walls made of harder material such as concrete are better suited for use with a wall and concrete sander, because this versatile machine is not only suitable for conventional drywall, but also for concrete, granite and screed.

The various tools for wall processing from Einhell

Drywall sander

As a rule, a drywall sander is used for sanding ceilings and walls, in particular of smoothed, trowelled drywall. However, a wired or cordless drywall sander is also ideally suited for removing adhesive residues, loose plaster, varnishes, paints and wallpaper residues. The powerful tools, which are often also called wall sanders, ceiling sanders or long-neck sanders, are telescopic, so that you can also work easily on high walls and ceilings. With a dust bag or a suction adapter for wet/dry vacuum cleaners, you can also minimise dust pollution and have a good view of your work area. The Einhell drywall sanders have speed regulation and are equipped with hook and loop fastenings for easy sandpaper changes. Ultimately, it's up to you whether you rely on wired performance or flexibility with the Power X-Change cordless drywall sander.

Wall and concrete sanders

Large wall surfaces, floors and ceilings made of a wide variety of materials can be worked on with the versatile wall and concrete sander from Einhell. The powerful device with 6-stage speed control is ideally suited for renovation and removal work. Thanks to the replaceable sanding disc, the wall sander can be used for various tasks: With the micro hook and loop sanding disc for sanding drywall, with the steel brush for processing concrete and for removing wallpaper residues and with the diamond grinding wheel for loosening tile adhesive or sanding concrete, granite and screed. All three attachments are included in delivery. By the way, thanks to the removable brush ring, the wall grinder ensures clean results, even when working close to edges.

Drywall screwdriver

The Einhell drywall screwdrivers are especially suitable for joining different materials in drywall construction, for example plasterboard, wood or metal. The devices have a bit holder and are therefore particularly suitable for drywall construction and for securing drywall. With the help of an adjustable depth stop, you can precisely determine how far the screws should penetrate into the wall and thus ensure a clean wall finish. At Einhell you have the choice between wired or flexible, cordless Power X-Change cordless drywall screwdrivers. The cordless device is comparatively more compact and lighter. Both devices have a continuous-running function, with which even lengthy work can be handled comfortably. Depending on the model, the speed can reach up to 4,000 rpm.

Wall liners

As the name suggests, wall groove cutters, also called wall chasers, cut slots or grooves in masonry, brick, plaster and similar building materials. The straight slots or grooves are used in gas, water and electrical installations in order to lay cables, lines and pipes in them. Depending on the model, the maximum groove width can be up to 38 mm and the maximum groove depth can be up to 40 mm. The maximum idling speed also ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 rpm, depending on the model. Clean cuts and safe handling at the same time are ensured by the soft start, the pulling cut and a large handle.

Drywall sanders, concrete sanders, wall groove cutters and drywall screwdrivers offer you functions that can be useful when working on walls. You can find out which ones here. Einhell wall processing guide

What to look out for when purchasing a wall processing tool

Grooving, slitting, grinding, drilling: The different wall finishing devices should meet different requirements so that you can carry out your removal and renovation work precisely and efficiently. For some devices such as the drywall sander and drywall screwdriver, this starts with the drive type: Do you prefer a model with a power cord or do you rely on battery power? In addition to a good price-performance ratio, a strong motor and decent accessories, we will explain what else you need to pay attention to below.

Cordless or wired device

Einhell's innovative Power X-Change system continues to grow, device by device. For example, a cordless drywall sander and a cordless drywall screwdriver are now among the more than 200 cordless devices in the system family, in which all devices, batteries and chargers can be combined without limits. It is ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to work flexibly and wirelessly with battery power or traditionally with a cable. Just remember that the cordless models are usually lighter in weight and require less maintenance. Depending on the duration of the application, a tool with a cable connection may be better suited – or, if you want to work without cable clutter or want to use your device without a power connection, the battery version is the more suitable choice.

Flexible settings

All drywall screwdrivers and drywall sanders are equipped with a speed control, which you can use to work according to the material and adjust the power sensitively. But the sanders have even more equipment, meaning you are more flexible in your work: The telescopic function explains, for example, where the term 'long-neck sander' comes from – because with the extension, i.e. the long neck, you can also easily reach roofs. A removable brush rim edge also allows work close to edges and a T-handle ensures convenient handling. The wall and concrete sander is even supplied with several sanding plates, which can be used to process different materials. In the case of the wall groove cutter, on the other hand, it is primarily the adjustable width of the groove or cutting width and the depth adjustment that are important so that you can determine exactly how wide and deep the slot is to be at the end.

Practical accessories

So that you can work on your construction project right away, the Einhell wall processing tools are already supplied with practical accessories. In the case of drywall grinders, for example, mesh lines and sanding paper in various grain sizes are included in delivery, while in the case of wall and concrete sanders, a steel brush, a micro hook and loop sanding disc and a diamond grinding wheel are also included. The Einhell drywall screwdrivers are equipped with a belt clip for practical interim storage. The cordless drywall screwdriver also comes with an integrated LED light for ultimate visibility, while the wired model comes with an additional bit. You can also start right away with the Einhell wall groove cutters, because depending on the model they come with a 150 mm or 125 mm diamond cutting disc. A spanner included in delivery also makes it easy to change the cutting disc.