Cordless wet/dry vacuum maintenance, repair & use: Everything you need to know about cordless professional vacuum

Whether you're on a building site, at home or performing professional car cleaning, wet/dry vacuums are the perfect vacuums for particularly stubborn dirt. With proper handling and maintenance, wet/dry vacuums efficiently vacuum up dry dust, liquids, small debris and other refuse.

The cordless wet/dry vacuum's special features: They are operated without any dust bags, so even wet dirt can be vacuumed up easily. Easily maneuver around furniture or shop equipment. Navigate stairs without lugging around, or tripping over power cords. The perfect item for quick cleaning!

Cordless wet/dry vacuums: Impeccable for particularly stubborn dirt.

Cordless Wet/dry vacuums: Instructions, tips and maintenance

With our instructions, vacuuming is fast and effortless. We also have some tips and tricks for the optimal handling, care and maintenance of your vacuum. You will quickly become a professional in wet and dry vacuuming!

Instructions, tips and maintenance for cordless wet/dry vacuums.

Wet vacuuming and dry vacuuming: Your vacuum is suitable for these types of dirt

Cordless wet/dry vacuums are bag-free wonders. They are not only a simple vacuum that can quickly and effortlessly remove dry dirt. If the cordless wet/dry vacuum is used with the foam filter supplied instead of a dust bag or pleated filter, wet or damp dirt and liquids can also be vacuumed up and removed without any problems.

This makes them the perfect all-purpose device for building sites as well as in your own home. Thanks to the handy accessories such as filters, batteries and attachments, Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuums can be even more versatile and adapt exactly to your needs.

The best cordless wet/dry vacuums from Einhell: Our most popular models

They are powerful, extremely quiet and efficient. The Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuums can wow both professional and DIY users with their simple operation and impressive suction power. Wet or dry, at home, in the car or on the building site, with these models you can find the best cordless wet/dry vacuum for what you need to do! 

Wet/dry vacuum operating instructions: Here's how it works

A cordless wet/dry vacuum is extremely easy to operate. We will share some instructions for the various uses of these all-purpose vacuums, so that you can still get the most out of your device.

Instructions: Thorough upholstery cleaning

Whether in the car or in the living room, crumbs and stains on upholstery, seats or the sofa are always annoying. Dirt, crumbs or pet hair can be easily vacuumed away with the upholstery nozzle specially designed for upholstered furniture. If you need to get into hard-to-reach corners and nooks of your sofa, you can also use the narrow crevice nozzle.

However, when using the upholstery nozzle, keep in mind that you should not use it for wet vacuuming. If you want to remove stains from your couch, you should either use liquid cleaning agents and a cloth, or if you want to use a cordless wet/dry vacuum, use a powder cleaning agent that you can vacuum off the sofa after a certain amount of time. Depending on the type of fabric, baking soda is often recommended as a helpful home remedy.

The model 2347141 is the perfect vacuum for allergy sufferers

Advanced pleated filters ensure that Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuums only expel virtually sterile air. This makes them the perfect choice for allergy sufferers or anyone sensitive to dust.

In addition to the replaceable filters (except model 2347124), the vacuums can also be equipped with a paper dust bag or a high-efficiency dust bag that holds dust and dry dirt. These dust bags can be disposed of quickly, cleanly and safely after the work is done.

Maximum freedom of movement with cordless wet/dry vacuums

Imagine being able to use your vacuum all over the house, in the car or on the building site without having to pull an annoying power cord behind you. With the cordless wet/dry vacuum from the Power X-Change family, now you can!

Get ready for cordless working and maximum suction power thanks to powerful and durable batteries. Wherever you need to remove dust or wet dirt, a cordless wet/dry vacuum is always at hand and can be used virtually anywhere.

The Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuums are perfect helpers for cleaning your car.

Instruction: Reliable removal of wet dirt

Whether it's spilled drinksrainwater or ground water on the building site, wherever liquids or wet dirt need to be removed quickly and thoroughly, a cordless wet/dry vacuum is the ideal tool.

Simply remove the paper dust bag from the tank, or replace the pleated filter with the foam filter and activate the vacuum's suction function. The powerful motor and the perfect design of the suction nozzles immediately create strong suction power to remove water, moisture and dirt.

You can dry out your building site within minutes, remove standing water on the terrace or clean your floor thoroughly and efficiently. When your work is done, simply empty the water from the tank and wipe it dry. And you're finished!

Cordless wet/dry vacuums are also suitable for cleaning wooden floors.
Tip: With a cordless wet/dry vacuum you combine the benefits of a wet vacuum and a dry vacuum. The perfect 2-in-1 device!

Instructions: Removing dust and dry dirt

For dust, hair or small amounts of building debris, an Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuum is the perfect vacuum when it comes to removing stubborn or large areas of dry dirt.

All dry vacuums from Einhell can be used without dust bags, but are also supplied with a dust bag. For particularly easy operation, the dry vacuums can also be equipped with a high-efficiency dust bag that collects dust and dirt. This keeps your vacuum tank clean and these dust bags can be disposed of quickly, cleanly and safely after the work is done. 

Advanced pleated filters ensure the exhaust air from the cordless wet/dry vacuum is hygienically clean. This makes them the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

Removing dust and dry dirt becomes a breeze with the cordless wet/dry vacuum.

Instructions: Powerful use on building sites

Many types of dirt can occur on the construction site. Dry building debris, damp spots or rain getting in must be removed quickly so as not to slow down construction work.  A cordless wet/dry vacuum is the perfect device for removing all kinds of dirt from building sites.

The right accessory: Get more out of your cordless wet/dry vacuum

Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuums are versatile devices for cleaning wet and dry dirt. These accessories make your device even more flexible:


  • Battery for cordless wet/dry vacuums: With an additional battery for your Power X-Change cordless wet/dry vacuum, you can significantly increase its usage time. The best way to do this is with the 18V, 2.5 Ah batteries available in the Einhell Power X-Change range.
  • Paper dust bags for the tank: With a dust bag for dry dirt and dust, your vacuum will stay clean and working at full power even after long periods of use. The strong paper dust bags can be removed from the vacuum in one simple step.
  • Foam filter for wet vacuuming: You use your cordless wet/dry vacuum often to vacuum up liquids and your foam filter is dirty after frequent use? You can find new foam filters in our range of replacement accessories.
  • Pleated filter: Even a pleated filter will reach the end of its service life at some point, but the cordless wet/dry vacuum is far from it! You can find new pleated filters in our range of replacement accessories.
  • Fabric filter: Instead of pleated filters, certain Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuums can also be equipped with a fabric filter. The fabric filter is put over the filter basket and fastened with a rubber band. This protects the motor from contamination and the dust remains in the tank but is not collected in the filter.
  • Nozzle kit: Have you lost a nozzle or are you looking for a specific nozzle that was not included with your cordless wet/dry vacuum? A 3 pc. nozzle kit is available in our range of replacement accessories. Fits models 2347137 & 2347141.
Find the right accessories for your Einhell cordless wet/dry vacuum!

Summary: A wet vacuum and a dry vacuum in one device

The next-level vacuum: The cordless wet/dry vacuums from Einhell are made to make cleaning your home, your car or your building site very easy. They effortlessly remove wet dirt or dust, they can be used with or without a dust bag and are perfect for allergy sufferers thanks to their filters. As you can see in our instructions manuals, the use of a cordless wet/dry vacuum is very easy, and the results are very convincing when directly compared to a conventional vacuum. Experience cordless freedom today!